Steel Making

Steelmaking Area Packages Offered by Pi

In support of the following products, we can provide a complete range of services, including inspections, surveys, root cause analysis, problem solving and implementation services. Supply chain logistics around the world are provided including sourcing, expediting, inspections and shipping control.


  • Bachmann Dampjoint LD-OG & EAF system dampers & expansion joints
  • AIS insulated, replaceable equipment jackets for valves & pumps etc.
  • TPL gas recovery system
  • Clayton Walker gas holders
  • Th Jansen 3 lever valves
  • Th Jansen 3 way valves
  • Th Jansen double eccentric values
  • Th Jansen butterfly valves
  • OEM Valve & Pump repairs
  • Vacuum degassing valves and expansion joints
  • Piller Blowers


  • Back Up Insulation Boards , Microporous insulation For Ladles and Tundishes
  • Vacuum Form Riser Sleeve, Ceramic Fiber Gaskets
  • Siltemp refractory blanket
  • AMC, Mag Carbon, Mag Chrome and Alumina Brick
  • Well Blocks, Lip Rings, Precast Bottoms, Impact Pads
  • Exothermic rope, wool and cloth


  • Additives chutes and hoppers
  • Lined pipes and elbows
  • Material handling liners/gates
  • Pugmill shafts, collars & paddles.