Coke Ovens

Coke making Area Packages Offered by Pi

In support of the following products, we can provide a complete range of services, including inspections, surveys, root cause analysis, problem solving and implementation services. Supply chain logistics around the world are provided including sourcing, expediting, inspections and shipping control.

PROCESS SOLUTIONS for gas & water

  • TH Jansen double eccentric valves
  • Bachmann Dampjoint expansion joints
  • AIS replaceable insulated equipment jackets for valves & pumps etc.
  • AVK coke oven gas cast gate valves
  • Pumps & valves; new & repairs
  • TPL & Clayton Walker gas holders & recovery systems
  • TH Jansen gas valves & BDI dampers for gas control
  • Piller Blowers


  • Fused Silica Door Plugs
  • Fused Silica Precast Shapes
  • Refractory Coatings