Dango & Dienenthal of Germany

Filter technik GmbH

Pi provides river & lake fresh water system solutions with Unique filter & strainer designs for Steel Plant & Power Station Water inlet systems.

The Filterautomat & JET Filter are the only fully automatic & selfcleaning units with a patented slotted sieve design that kills mussel larvae mechanically, and provides the highest efficiency with zero bypass leakage. Eliminates chlorination and de-chlorination phases to reduce both capital and operating costs and reduces environmental impact.

The Filterautomat slotted sieve baskets are also available as replacement baskets for existing Kinney type units to provide the improved features with problem free operation & maintenance.

The JET Filter will easily retrofit into existing pipe systems and provide localized protection of equipment packages and plant areas such as pumps, package boilers and heat exchangers.


Download Link to Mussel Stop Brochure