A History of Success, a future of innovation

Since 2001 Performance improvement (Pi) has been helping in-house plant & reliability engineers, maintenance groups and project professionals bring value to Steel manufacturers and other industrial facilities. Our team of experienced specialists work with you to deliver proven solutions that improve the operational reliability of the plant or help realize the goals of valuable capital investment projects.

We provide a critical link between the product knowledge of our world leading partners and the applications knowledge of our customers.

With a Global network we specialize in customized and “best in class” process plant and equipment, refractory materials and expanding into public & private power generation systems. Power generation includes our unique systems for water filtering, process gas recovery and a multi-fuel (wind/gas) high efficiency generation system for “inside the fence” power solutions.

We have a long & strong track record of modifying proven equipment to resolve your unique and actual problems. Check out our news releases for application details.

In conjunction with the AIST project, engineering and construction management technical committee (PECMTC) we have developed a number of training modules that can help your staff improve the project life cycle and are now looking at a methodology to help keep operational reliability high in times of severe cash constraints (like now!). These training modules can be provided free upon request.

We also provide initial and ongoing technical support, project management and business consulting services to ensure our solutions deliver the rewards promised.

Company News


As the only globally leading manufacturer to have continued updating and developing its cast COG gate valves AVK Donkin is now setting up a stocking program that will reduce delivery times and allow maintenance groups to replace valves, cheaper and faster that extensive repairs to 20-50 year old valves. Modern casting techniques and updated design functions such …