Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace Area Packages Offered by Pi

To support the following products and materials we can provide a complete range of services, including inspections, surveys, root cause analysis, problem solving and implementation services. Supply chain logistics around the world include sourcing, expediting, inspections and shipping control.


  • IMI TH Jansen/Z&J; new stove valves/burners
  • Local OEM supported refurbishing of all makes of equipment & valves
  • Peel Jones copper products; tuyeres, coolers, plates
  • AIS insulated, replaceable equipment jackets for valves & pumps etc.
  • AVK Donkin cast body coke oven gas gate valves
  • Bachmann Dampjoint expansion joints & dampers; casthouse, stoves, GCP & BLT
  • Dango & Dienenthal water filters
  • TPL gas recovery systems
  • Clayton Walker gasholders
  • Valves & expansion joints for gas control
  • Piller Blowers


  • Taphole drill faceplates
  • Cerafelt gaskets & liners
  • Large Shape Precast Capabilities